Tips on hiring a pests exterminator

Infestations are mostly caused by some pests like insects or other animals, and it can be a stressful matter, and it might also affect the structural integrity of your home. While some pests like ants are more a discomfort, other creatures such as woodworm as well as rodents may cause a considerable amount of damage.

How do we search for the right pest exterminator?

In the first place, everyone can take care of their house regarding pests by following a set of rules, measures that will keep the house clean, like properly done sanitation and regular home maintenance. But some pest infestations may not be prevented by these practices and may happen without us even noticing, or maybe a pest is difficult to deal with, thus requiring someone with experience in pests extermination to help us get rid of the infestation. Keeping this in mind, here are some tips on hiring a pests extermination company.


You should look for a pest exterminator the same way you look for anything else in your daily life, consider quality and value over cheap, but improperly done extermination.

Consider more options

When most of the people find out that there is a pest problem in their homes, they usually want a fast and easy way to solve this problem. It is wiser to wait a few days for you to have some time to look up for a responsible, capable exterminator. Better wait a couple of days and get the job done as well as it can be than go for a cheap, unreliable and inadequate way to solve your problem.

Questions to ask a pests control exterminator

Ask them about their experience in this domain and the overall process that they are going to undergo while getting you rid of the infestation.

A very important matter that should concern you is if they offer you an Integrated Pest Management option. This should include factors such as inspecting and monitoring of the infestation, guidance on policies and activities you should put in place to prevent any further infestation, recommendations for preventing any pests problem from appearing or spreading and the use of least toxic pesticides approved for the specific pests.

You should also try to ask them for a pest control license just to be certain that the person that’s going to do the extermination is qualified to do it properly. The persons that will exterminate the infestation have to be a certified applicator.

Another thing that you should ask them to do is provide you a list of past references. This list can prove to be very helpful if you can get your hands on it. Make some calls and ask the references if they were satisfied with the pests exterminator’s work and services.


Ask the pests exterminator if a pre-treatment checklist will be provided. It’s vital that certain steps be taken before the treatment begins such as cleaning, washing linens, and other items, and reducing clutter for the treatment to be effective.

Make sure that the pests exterminator you chose has insurance. This is going to give you protection in case anything happens to the structural integrity of your house. You would be shocked how many people ignore this matter and end up having to pay for the damages done by the pests exterminator out of their own pockets.