What Are Splashbacks? Facts To Know

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Kitchens and Bathrooms can be styled up with a variety of splashbacks. These offer enhanced practicality for the purpose of cleaning and maintenance. These come in various colors and patterns and add a personal taste to the kitchens.

What are splashbacks?

The walls of the kitchen often get splashed by oil or flying bits of food while cooking. Mostly they cannot be cleaned easily, and they require a lot of efforts to clean. Hence the surface is covered with a special type of glass or stainless steel which can be cleaned easily and there are known as splashbacks. The splashbacks are placed on the kitchen walls behind the hob to avoid food splashes, heat, and grime. These are a fast and easy way to enhance the cooking place, and they require less maintenance. They can be easily installed on the wall with the help of adhesives or sometimes with screws.

Materials used

Splashbacks are made up of various materials and are available in various styles and colors. Acrylic splashbacks are thin wall coatings which can be cleaned easily, and they help the kitchen to be clean and bright. The smooth stainless steel surface can be cleaned and maintained easily.

Then there is the hygienic glass splashback which is also very easy to clean and appears to be black; it is heat resistant right up to 200 degrees which prevent from heat splotches and flying food particles. It is easy to clean and boasts a clean, black finish. Many other splashbacks are available made of transparent or colored glass. They all enhance the look of the kitchen or bathroom. Moreover, they improve the quality of walls and protect them from getting dirty.

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Cooking often becomes messy and may lead to spilling and splashing during the process. Get creative in the kitchen without worrying about the cleaning up process after the preparation. These splashbacks which are easily installable put an end to the cleaning hassles after cooking. So pick up a splashback today and make sure your walls are always protected. Splashbacks help in cleaning up, and they provide a chic look the kitchen as well. The walls no longer are made up of tiles, but they can be in any color or material one likes.

The grimy walls in the bathrooms can also be coated with splashbacks, and they serve the same purpose as in the kitchen. They can be cleaned easily, and they enhance the overall look of the bathrooms. Hence, splashbacks are an easy solution to provide modern style and cleanliness to the bathrooms and kitchens.