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Helix Sleep Is Your One-Stop Shop
You cannot underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep, and it is paramount you have plenty of it every other night. To make sure that this happens, for you and your partner, you must take it upon yourselves to make the ultimate choice of the ideal mattress to go for. It is a definite that there is no one “best” mattress, but you can surely narrow down your priorities in order to get the next best thing. Helix Sleep has chipped in to make you and your partner’s sleeping nights all the more worthwhile with its top standard mattress products.

The Helix mattress is simply superb and high quality – best mattress for couples with different weights.

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  • Helix mattress overview

Helix Sleep has its mattress products available online, and the one thing that makes them ideal for couples is their highly customizable capabilities. The Helix mattress you get at the end of the checkpoint is a result of your own demands and requirements, hence making it highly suitable for couples with, even, different weights. The first thing that you do once you get online to get that mattress you so badly want, is take a quiz that allows you to input your specifications. The quiz gauges your sleep preferences and other variables accordingly, such as your body type, preference of mattress firmness, sleeping temperatures (hot/cool), along with a few other necessary factors. The aim of this is to tailor a product that is uniquely suitable for you. Eventually, you can be sure to get the mattress that matches what the both of you two want.

However, a lesser known fact about the Helix mattress is that it is possible to have each of the sides of it personalized as well. Accordingly, you and your partner can take the quiz together, each of you filling in your personal preferences with that specific aim in mind.

  • Why go for the Helix mattress?

894ew56r2ghwe3 (1)It’s pretty straightforward. For one, the Helix mattress saves you some cash in the end. This is something that is made possible by its online sale only, hence eliminating all the extra costs in the middle. Simply put, once it is manufactured, it comes straight to your doorstep.

Secondly, the mattress is fully customizable to suit the personal needs and requirements of the couples. With the Helix mattress, you and your partner can customize the mattress of your dreams.

Lastly, the Helix mattress is one that is well-researched by experts. A lot of data has been gathered to bring you a top-notch latex foam mattress that points it in the right direction.


The Helix mattress is quality in every way possible – best mattress for couples with different weights. For a product that costs less, it manages to top the list.