Automatic Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

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There are several factors to consider when calculating automatic garage door opener installation cost.

First of all, you have to decide if you want to install it yourself or hire a professional installer.

  • Cost Breakdown

The garage door opener installation can cost $200-$700. The lower amount is applicable when you install the opener yourself. Installation by a professional can cost at the higher end. There are two types of costs involved in the installation of a garage door opener. The first is the cost of hardware itself. In this case, it is the garage door opener system and some related parts and accessories that may be needed to install the opener or to add extra features. Garage door openers are generally available with all hardware parts needed to install the device. The second cost is the labor charge if you hire a professional installer for this purpose.

  • DIY or Pro

You need to calculate the installation cost after taking into account your requirements and preferences. Some installers offer a fixed cost that includes the cost of the opener and labor charge. If you decide to do it yourself, you will incur expenses only in buying the opener. You will save money in labor charge. At the same time, you need to consider other issues associated with installation. Do you have a step ladder and tools to install the opener? Are you sure you will be able to install your opener properly and correctly? You will need help of a person while lifting the opener motor.

  • Can You Install It?

A professional garage door opener installer helps you avoid all these troubles. The installer will arrive with all the required tools, equipments and ladder needed to install the opener. If you have already purchased the opener, the installer will charge only for the labor service.

  • Three Types of Openers784wreg45w3 (3)

A screwdriver type opener can cost $190-$250. The chain drive opener costs $150-$300. The belt drive type opener costs $200-$350. These cost estimates are only for the hardware. It is important to note that some openers are not available with the remote. You have to add the cost of remote if it is sold separately. The remote can cost about $40-$50. If you prefer a keypad, it will cost you $30-$60. If you want the keypad installed by a professional, you may have to pay extra charge. Some designs of garage door openers have lighting indicator. It can cost $50-$100. The installation of its light bulb can cost $10 if the wiring is already in place.

The labor charge varies from one region to another but the product cost is same everywhere.